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Goodie at 10 weeks

Pet puppies are sold to approved homes with limited registration and an agreement to spay or neuter the puppy when it is old enough.


We are happy to announce that our Sally-Rugrat babies arrived July 30,2007. We have 7 girls! One blue, 4 bi blacks, 1 tri and 1 sable.

Watch them grow

Pups at 1 week  Pups at 2 weeks  Pups at 3 weeks  Pups at 4 weeks  
Pups at 5 1/2 weeks   Pups at 7 weeks   Pups at 8 weeks  Pups at 9 weeks   Pups at 10 weeks  Pups at 11 weeks  Pups at 12 weeks Pups at 13 weeks


Ch Shadow Hill's Double Eagle


The proud Dad.

UCH Mistymt Goodtime Celebration


The proud Mom.


The babies are doing great and are so beautiful!


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