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Bob and Joy Good                  912-863-5767                  Sylvania

Goodtime Shelties

Joy Good

614 Warmouth Rd

Sylvania, GA. 30467-8126

(912) 863 5767


Between Mrs. Joy Good, the breeder, and _____________________ the purchaser.

Address: __________________________________ City_____________ State _______ Zip __________

Phone Number: _______________________  Email Address: ___________________________________


1)      That the breeder will sell and the purchaser will buy the puppy detailed below on the terms that apply (pet or breeding/show quality) at the price of _________. 

        The puppy is in good health, has been vaccinated and wormed.

Puppy’s Name


Date of Birth


Registration Number


Color & Markings



This puppy is being sold as marked below:


Breeding ___

Show ___ Pet ___  Full registration___  Co-ownership ___  Limited registration ____ Performance Prospect _____


2) That the purchaser understands and agrees to the following conditions for the purchase of a Pet puppy:


Pet quality puppies:


a)       The puppy described above is being sold as a companion and is not to be used for breeding.  This is a condition of the purchase at the pet price stated above.

b)       The puppy shall not be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, research facility, or any place that will put the dog at risk for harm physically or psychologically. 

c)       In the event of the purchaser’s being unable to maintain the puppy, the breeder shall be informed and shall reserve the right to repossess the puppy at any age.

d)       If the purchaser feels that the puppy has turned out to be of show or breeding quality, the purchaser may bring the puppy back to the breeder for re-evaluation at 1 year of age prior to having the puppy spayed/neutered.

e)       If the breeder finds that the puppy has exceeded it’s early potential and is breeding/show quality, the breeder will reverse the limited registration. The purchaser agrees to all of the conditions pertaining to show/breeding quality puppies list below. The purchase agrees to pay the breeder the difference in price between pet and show quality and for the cost of reversing the limited registration.

f)        The pet puppy must never be bred. Spay/neuter will not occur prior to 1 year of age.

I)    The puppy will be registered with Goodtime/Goodtimes as part of the name before one year of age.


Show/Breeding quality puppies:


3)      That the purchaser understands and agrees to the following conditions for the purchase of a breeding/show potential puppy.   


        In the best interest of the breed, the purchaser agrees to only breed the puppy described above under the following conditions:


a)   The puppy described above is being sold as a breeding/show potential puppy at the price stated above.
b)  The puppy meets the appropriate AKC standards for the breed, i.e. size, temperament, and overall quality, and normal breeding tests.
c) Testing to include hip x-ray, and eyes check, will be done prior to breeding. The puppy will only be bred if he/she is tested normal and only to dogs that are normal for hip dysplasia and clear of CEA and PRA.

  Resulting pet quality offspring from this dog will be sold with the agreement that they will not be bred.

 f)    Resulting show and breeding offspring from this dog will be sold with the conditions stated in this agreement.

 The Purchaser agrees to maintain training of ears and show training and to show the puppy in a minimum  of 10 AKC shows by age 2 1/2 years or hire a handler to show the dog for them if the  puppy does fulfill it early show potential. The dog will only be shown when they are in competitive condition and properly trained for conformation showing. If the dog needs more time to mature the purchaser will contact the breeder and discuss extending the time frame for showing the dog.

 h) The breeder guarantees a show potential pup to stay in size, have no disqualifying faults, normal hip and eye testing and have an acceptable bite. Should the puppy fail to meet the above conditions of quality or normal testing, the purchaser will contact the breeder presenting proof and receive a refund to pet price.  That is a $300 refund with proof from a veterinarian.  The puppy will not be bred and will be subject to conditions for pet puppy ownership.
j)  The puppy must not be bred if the hip are not normal for *CHD and eye tests are not normal for *CEA and *PRA or the puppy fails to meet the standards of a breeding quality dog.
k) The puppy shall not be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, research facility, or any place that will put the dog at risk for harm physically or psychologically. 



      4) The Purchaser further warrants that the puppy:

*     Will be kept as in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare and will be fed a suitable diet for its age and condition.

*     Will receive all necessary veterinary care as needed to maintain it’s good health.

*     If Purchaser chooses to sell the puppy, the breeder will be offered first right of refusal for purchasing the puppy.


       The Purchaser further understands that if there is a failure to keep any part of this contract, or if the puppy is

       neglected, maltreated, or is failing to receive adequate medical care, the Purchaser will surrender said puppy to

       the breeder unconditionally and without financial restitution or compensation.


The purchaser understands and agrees to care for, protect, maintain, train and love the puppy to give it the best chance for a happy full life. The purchaser assumes full responsibility for all costs involved therein. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the puppy from the moment of purchase for as long as the puppy remains in their care.


This puppy is being sold with a 72-hour health guarantee to allow time for the purchaser to take the puppy to the veterinarian.  In the event the vet finds a serious health problem with the puppy, with proof from the vet, the breeder will accept the puppy back for a full refund of the purchase price.


No other warrantees or guarantees implied or otherwise are made for this puppy.


___________________________                                 _________________________________

Breeder                                                                                          Purchaser  


___________________________                                _________________________________

Date                                                                                                Date


___________________________                                _________________________________

Witness                                                                                           Date

* CHD - Canine Hip Dysplasia

* CEA - Collie Eye Anomaly

* PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy




Every Eye

"All creatures great and small, the Lord God created them all."

GoD and DoG

Every time I lose a dog he takes a piece of my heart. Every new dog gifts me with a piece of his. 

Someday my heart will be total dog, and maybe then I will be just as generous, loving and forgiving. - Unknown

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Sylvania is located 70 miles NW of Savannah, Georgia.