Warm, Fuzzy Puppies

A gift of love, loyalty, and companionship

Goodie at 10 weeks

Pet puppies are sold to approved homes with limited registration and an agreement to spay or neuter the puppy when it is old enough.

Presenting the Rugrat/Sally pups at 7 weeks old.

7 girls 

CH Shadow Hill's Double Eagle ex UCh Mistymt Goodtime Celebration

The babies are pictured below in a slideshow. They are in
birth order with 2 pictures of each pup. First is Dancer. Second is
Desiree. Third is Ebony. Forth is Dazzle. Fifth is Coco. Sixth is
Becca and last is Cleo.


First Born.... Bi Black Girl

Goodtimes Dancing Bi Moonlight


3# 11.8 oz  7 5/8" 

Second Born.... Bi Black Girl

Goodtimes Captivated Bi Love


3# 1.2 oz  7 1/4"

Third Born.... Another Bi Black girl

Goodtimes Bi Shadow Of Night


5# 8oz  9"

Forth Born.... Blue Merle Girl

Goodtimes Beyon Expectation


3# 11 oz  7 3/4"

Fifth Born.... Sable Girl

Goodtimes Sweet As Chocolate


3# 9 oz  7 3/8"

Sixth Born.... Tri Girl

Goodtime Tribecca


3# 5.4 oz  7 3/4"

Seventh Born.... Bi Black Girl

Goodtimes Bi Lunar Eclipes


3# 1.4  7 1/4"


Updated on 08/05/15.