To build a sheltie you need...

    *   fur, LOTS of fur 
    *   a bark (with an owner operated on/off switch) 
    *   a very loving soul 
    *   a happily wagging tail 
    *   a sense of undying loyalty 
    *   a keen, intelligent mind 
    *   an unwavering eagerness to please 
    *   lots of ear glue 
    *   a dash of drollery 
    *   a very intelligent and creative brain 
    *   a QAX (quizzical attitude excellent) 
    *   an 'innocent halo' (for use when the Sheltie is doing something it 
shouldn't and gets caught) 
    *   dancing, devilish eyes 
    *   a sense of humor 
    *   prancing feet 
    *   the hearing of a deer 
    *   unbounding Sheltie energy 
    *   the famous Sheltie grin 
    *   a dose of the sillies 
    *   a coiled spring, preferably 4 
    *   a long wet nose to nuzzle your face in the morning 
    *   dancing feet 
    *   a dash of mischief 
    *   a cute twinkle in the eye 
    *   a wooounderooful singing voice 
    *   true forgiveness 
    *   beauty in motion 
    *   a fuzzy belly button 
    *   that keen eyesight that allows Shelties to see small, furry,  moving
objects up to 1/4 mile away 
    *   a BIG dose of mischief 
    *   early morning ear washings while human is still sleeping 
    *   puppy toy stealings - they're better than mine 
    *   head washings - appropriate for bald man 
    *   recycle dogs - let's drag everything we can outside (parts to TV 
remote, silverware left on the coffee table, underwear on laundry day)  
    *   and finally, a use for all the discarded parts - build a  papillon!

The above came from I think it is too cute not to share. Visit the link for lots of great Sheltie "stuff".