Goodtimes Dressed To Impress

Tux at 8 weeks!

Until you have had a black pup to photograph, it will be hard for you to understand how hard it can be. It is difficult to get a picture that does Tux justice. At 8 weeks he is 4# 15oz and 8 1/4" tall. He is always in motion so getting him to sit still is a real challenge!

Hello is anybody out there?




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UCH Goodtimes Beyon Expectation

Tux 1 week 

 Tux at 2 weeks

Tux at 3 weeks

Tux at 4 weeks

Tux at 5 weeks

Tux at 6 weeks

Tux at 7 weeks

Tux at 8 weeks

Tux at 10 weeks

Tux at 11 weeks



Updated on 08/05/15.