Simple Ear Brace


To brace ears the easy way, buy a roll of 2 wide gauze or a box of 2 x 2 gauze pads. On the roll, cut off a square that is 2 x 2. The gauzes should be only one layer thick. The pad has to be unfolded and will make about 6 pieces. Next roll the 2 x2 gauze into a strip about wide by 2 long. Pre-stretch the stretch gauze. The ears should be almost touching each other if the brace is properly spaced. Another option is a shoe laces cut to the right length. Put one drop of hair bond glue on one end of the strip and place it in the inside corner at the base of one ear. Hold it in place until it is firmly set.  Check the length of the gauze against how close the ears need to be set. Place another drop of glue at the correct place on the gauzes and pull the ears together placing the gauzes as close as possible to the same place on the base of the second ear. Do not try to pull the ears together to tight because it will cause the ear to fold improperly. To set the break line you can put a drop of glue on the inside tip of the ear and press the ear tip to the gauze on the base of the ear.


Figure1. Setting the ear spacing on top of the head



Figure 2. Setting the break line