Spark and Lovey's pups, Faith and Ripley, from their third litter at 11 weeks

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Bob and Joy Good                  912-863-5767                  Sylvania




We proudly present our Lovey/Spark 

Pups, Faith and Ripley at 11 weeks




Goodtimes Believing In Miracles with our granddaughter Audrey.

Faith is 4# 2 oz and 8 5/8" tall.


Goodtimes Believe It Or Not

Ripley is 5# 14 oz and 9 5/8" tall.

Three of my grandchildren, Audrey, Owen and Eli playing with the pups.

Puppies Pedigree

Every Eye

"All creatures great and small, the Lord God created them all."

GoD and DoG

Every time I lose a dog he takes a piece of my heart. Every new dog gifts me with a piece of his. 

Someday my heart will be total dog, and maybe then I will be just as generous, loving and forgiving. - Unknown

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Sylvania is located 70 miles NW of Savannah, Georgia.